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A natural solution to erosion

Vetiver Natural Slope Protection

GeoGrid Soil Reinforcement

Platipus Earth Anchoring System

Green Soil Reinforcement Solutions

A natural solution to erosion.

Comunmente conocida como vetiver (Chrysopogon zizanioides) o pacholí, es una yerba robusta que crece en cepas. Sus raices son fibrosas y pueden alcanzar hasta 15 pies de profundidad. Esta planta es excelente en aplicaciones de bioingeniería y control de erosión en: Taludes, orillas de carreteras, bordes de charcas, predios de cultivos entre otros.

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Vetiver Natural Slope Protection

Soil Erosion has been a major issue in the past and will become an even greater issue in the future as population growth continues to expand and land resources are more intensively used, often to a point of destruction. Increased soil erosion means loss of land, reduced soil fertility, greater rainfall runoff, lower groundwater recharge, more sediment flows in river and higher contaminants in diminishing water supplies.

If applied correctly the Vetiver System could be an important tool to reduce erosion and conserve rainfall runoff (by as much as 70%), improve ground water recharge, remove pollutants from water, reduce the risk of flooding, and improve economic benefits to communities.

GeoGrid Soil Reinforcement

Geogrids is a reinforcing material in the soil reinforcement or retaining walls. The high demand and application of Geogrids in construction are due to the fact that it is good in tension and has a higher ability to distribute load across a large area. More flexibility implies they behave well as earthquake resistant This construction can be made more rapid and economical, compared to traditional method. The landfill can be made steeper, which shows a cost reduction. Geogrid brings environmental benefits, which is an important parameter in sustainable construction.

Platipus Earth Anchoring System

The fundamental advantage of our Platipus Earth Anchoring System is the simplicity and effectiveness of a solution providing an alternative to traditional anchoring techniques. We use lightweight corrosion resistant products that are conducive to a range of design life requirements making our anchors ideal for temporary and permanent applications. Installation is fast and easy and can be accomplished with readily available equipment with minimal environmental impact.


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